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Hello! My name is Reggie Weber

Listener, Educator, Adventurer


As a child, I was always outside playing, biking, swimming or hiking.  My mother has pictures of me outside in a playpen when I couldn't even walk yet.  Maybe she knew back then how good the outdoors was for us.  Then came building tree forts, snow forts and my curiosity of the outdoors was running wild!  I was rarely sick and believe it was my connection to nature.  It is my belief and experience that living in harmony with nature is essential for overall health and wellness.  Our connection to nature supports us for all our healing.  I coach clients in the benefits of nature's healing gifts to reach our highest potential...our true self.

As a mother and grandmother I have faced many challenges, as most of us do.  However, being a single parent I had faced my biggest challenge...the loss of my 20 year old daughter in a car accident.  However, through my grief, I only got stronger and achieved my childhood dream of getting a house in Cody, Wyoming among the wilderness, forests and mountains in my backyard.  With nature all around me, my true healing began.  My roots started in Minnesota where I spend time with family and enjoy the woods, lakes and wetlands that Minnesota has to offer in my everyday healing. 

I have had 26 years of nursing with an emphasis in holistic modalities such as Essentials Oils, Healing Touch for Animals and people, Qigong, Reflexology, and practice an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.  My utmost passion is coaching about our connection with nature's healing gifts which, I believe, is a "Must Need" for our health and optimal well-being.

About Me: Inner_about
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