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"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature.  It will nurture your mind, body, and soul." - Anthony Douglas Williams


I love nature!  When in nature I feel alive, empowered, and at peace with myself.  Science has shown that the farther we distance ourselves from nature we incur more stress in our lives leading to physical, behavioral and emotional illnesses.  WHY WORK WITH ME?  I am passionate about living in harmony with nature for overall wellness.  My many unique aspects of coaching, nursing career, various holistic healing modalities, essential oils, nutrition, and living respectfully with Mother Earth will empower YOU to heal your mind, body and spirit as well as your life!

Autumn - The Season of Change

As I see Nature display her beauty in the colors of fall, the bounty of the harvest, changing temperatures, I am reminded why Autumn has been referred to as the "Season of Change".  Autumn represents a time of transformation not only in the environment but for us personally. It is also the best season to take time to reflect and embrace change.  


Autumn also is part of the cycle of renewal. Leaves falling to the ground, flowers withering away are all part of providing nutrients (compost) back to the earth's soil.  


Since we humans are a part of Nature, this is a perfect time to let go of what no longer serves our personal growth.  When we let go, we become still and listen to our inner self trusting that new growth will occur in our souls.  Just as the trees trust spring and newness will come again.  

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